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PiViPS bietet professionelle, technologische und wissenschaftliche Unterstützung, sowie Lösungen für alle Arten von kritischen Filtrationsanwendungen an. Partner von http://www.masterfilter.eu

PiViPS offers professional, technological and scientific support, as well as solutions for all types of critical filtration applications. Partner of http://www.masterfilter.eu

PiViPS bietet die komplette Serviceleistungen in Form von Security, Transport, Touristik und Organisation während dem Aufenthalt von privaten Patienten in spezialisierten Kliniken und Hospitälern an.

PiViPS offers complete services in the form of security, transport, tourism and organization during the stay of private patients in specialized clinics and hospitals.

Come in and have a look which services we are offering around medical treatments in sports clinics, REHA Centers, university hospitals, beauty and medical clinics in Switzerland.

High satisfaction and top quality standards around the treatment to rehabilitation process for privat persons during your stay.

We are working together with partners and companies which are supporting you with VIP Transportation, Personal security and Safety solutions, Touristic experiences and much more.

Get to feel the beautiful nature and to know about the wonderful cities of Switzerland. This helps to forget some pain and walls.

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